Thursday, 25 August 2011 11:46

Cluster Sofia: Home composting

At the territory of the European Union in acquis communautaire and according to Waste Framework Directives 75/442/EEC, 2006/12/EC and 2008/98/EC on waste management exists different strategies, programs and plans for management of biodegradable waste. Every country in the EU choose how to organize the system for biodegradable waste, so as to achieve the targets for preliminary treatment of waste in order to reduce the biodegradable waste going to landfills.

Sofia Municipality is an urban centre made up of 24 districts nowadays with approximately 1.8 million inhabitants. The textiles usually are presented in the composition of mixed household waste and it is estimated around 5,93% of total weight generated. After some estimations it is envisaged at the territory of municipality will be generated no less than 19 925 tones of textiles (incl. clothes, bags, etc.) from the households or 16,52 kg/inh./year (data year 2007).

Home composting is implemented in 18 of 24 districts of Sofia Municipality, mostly in suburban districts because it is not applicable in all districts in the municipality. Districts which are not covered by home composting could be involved in a separate collection of biodegradable household waste. As the whole districts are covered by service for collection of waste, this separate collection could give the possibility to divide the different waste streams in order to be treated at the centralized composting unit and to be produced compost.  It is expected as an overall assessment that more than 120 000 tonnes/year to be composted in a centralised composting unit.

The tax “Household waste” is calculated proportionally on a base of the area of the ofiices. When the price is calculated in a such manner and the office is not generating a big amount of waste, payment of such tax is not an incentive for the business. That was the main motor to introduce different ways for payment of tax “Household waste” for the juridical persons.

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