The disposable diapers represent about 4-5% of total waste produced in Italy in recent years. With concern to the Municipality of Colorno, disposable diapers represent about 23% of the household solid waste.

The project "Light Kids" is targeted to families with children and to the municipal crèche. The goal, in the medium term, was to achieve a drastic reduction in the number of disposable diapers purchased, encouraging the use of durable diapers. The project provided the requirement to use washable diapers or biodegradable diapers for the company that deals with the management of municipal crèche up to use only durable diapers. A three-year contribution for each child of the families involved was prepared in order to cover, partially, the procurement costs of the families within the first three years of child’ life.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011 16:35

082 The Real Nappy Campaign, UK

Milton Keynes has a growing population with a large proportion of young families. Facing increasing pressure to accomodate household waste in local landfills as well as new UK targets to reduce biodegradable municipal waste. Milton Keynes designed a targeted  scheme  to address this major component on th borough's landfill  problem. A guide for parents was created, feturing step by step instructions to simplify the switch to reusable nappies and detailed  local information on suppliers as well as laundering services. A central element of the real nappy campaign in Milton Keynes is its cash-back incentive scheme. The cash-back incentive scheme is offering families who invest more than 60 sterling in reusable nappies a payment of 35 to 40 sterling.

Castelfidardo stands on a hill of 212 meters on sea-level, between Aspio and Musone rivers valleys. It has about 19.000 inhabitants and it has an area of 35 km2. There are a lot of productive installation mainly at industrial and handmade level. There are secondary technology-focused schools and  the voluntary work is really active in social field. About waste issue, in 2009 the “door to door” collection started  and  on the territory there is a collection center according to the DM 8 of April 2008. In addition, a collection facility for drain vegetable oil has been started with 8 position point in different parts of the territory.

About environmental, in 2010, started an integrated project for the remediation of ex galvanic area, co-funded by POR-FESR 2007-2013. Castelfidardo Municipality is partner of the “Area Vasta per Elena” Project, with the municipalities of Recanati (leader), Potenza Picena, Loreto; the project aims to promote the sustainable use of sources, and to empower the synergies between environmental protection and growth.