The aim of the project called IDEAL79 is to reduce the amount of residual waste collected by 10% in 3 years by increasing professionals and households awareness on waste prevention. This project aims at reducing the amount and the toxicity of waste production by acting on the design stage and encouraging sustainable consumption.

It also have qualitative objectives:

-       Design a real dynamic between institutional,  economical and associative actors;

-       Implant a sustainable consumption culture t...

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This action aims at increasing shopkeepers and artisans' awareness on their waste generation. Initiated and led by both the local authority of Coglais Communauté and an NGO called la Passiflore, the action has been done in 4 steps: recruitement of artisans and shopkeepers, personal diagnosis of their waste production, proposition of a list of preventive actions for each category of shop and agreement from the shopkeeper to do some of the proposed actions.

In total, 40 shops were involved and around 55 actions were identified.


The activity take place in the separately collected fractions Center of Serra de' Conti (AN), where each citizen can go and  leave or collect reusable goods.

Before the activation of the Center, only a part of the objects was reused, and the rest was destined to disposal. Today, in the center, called “L’Alligatore”, managed by the Municipality, also thanks to the help of some volunteers (pensioners, etc. ..), the majority of the objects, after a reuse c...

Published in Detailed factsheets