27/06/2012 - On 19 June 2012, the awards ceremony for the 2011 European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) took place in Paris before 450 attendees, closing the project’s final conference. The ceremony rewarded the most outstanding awareness-raising actions implemented during the 2011 EWWR, and included a congratulatory message by the EU Commissioner for the Environment, Mr. Janez Potočnik.

From 89 nominees out of 7035 actions from 32 countries throughout Europe, six awardees were chosen: one for each of the five Project Developer categories plus a special prize fro...

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In Marche Region there are 916 facilities and accommodation for 65.331 people.

The aim of Ecolabel LEGAMBIENTE Tourism is to disseminate the culture and the good practices of waste prevention in tourism sector. The information, education and awareness activities aims to change some organizational  and management issues: replacing food and hygienic single doses with dispenser and loose products, using tap water instead mineral one, using returnable bottles and concentrated products, and local products of short distribution chain.

The main objectives of the Self Service Detergents Project is to reduce packaging waste production coming from the purchase and use of detergents through the diffusion of the sale of on-tap detergents in retail chains in Piemonte making use of reusable bottles. The project addressed the bulk sale of detergents such as dish-washing liquids, fabric conditioners, laundry liquids, and all- purpose cleaners.

The project was a collaboration between th Piemonte region, the retail sector (GDO), and detergent producers. Detergent dispensers were placed in over 40 points of sale.

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