The "Fontemagna City" is a modern public water fontain who provide natural and sparkling fresh water on the tap. The main objectives of project is to reduce waste packaging by avoiding the use of disposable bottles.


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Milton Keynes has a growing population with a large proportion of young families. Facing increasing pressure to accomodate household waste in local landfills as well as new UK targets to reduce biodegradable municipal waste. Milton Keynes designed a targeted  scheme  to address this major component on th borough's landfill  problem. A guide for parents was created, feturing step by step instructions to simplify the switch to reusable nappies and detailed  local information on suppliers as well as laundering services. A central element of the real nappy ...

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Research by the UK national Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has shown that consumers in the UK throw away the equivalent of one in every three bagfuls of food shopping– or a third of the food they buy each year, and most of this could have been eaten.

In autumn 2007, WRAP launched the Love Food Hate Waste campaign which aims to help consumers cut back on the food they waste through raising awareness and by offering easy-to-action advice. The activities and tools developed at national level can be used and adapted by local authorities across the country.

As pa...

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