The aim of the project called IDEAL79 is to reduce the amount of residual waste collected by 10% in 3 years by increasing professionals and households awareness on waste prevention. This project aims at reducing the amount and the toxicity of waste production by acting on the design stage and encouraging sustainable consumption.

It also have qualitative objectives:

-       Design a real dynamic between institutional,  economical and associative actors;

-       Implant a sustainable consumption culture t...

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Since 1993, the IBGE legally requires regional public administrations to take into account a series of environmental and waste management considerations in their procurement decisions and office management. These requirements are consistent with those at national and European level.

The IBGE follows the implementation of the regional legal texts (circulars) by supervising and supporting the administrations concerned. It provides informative web pages, a help desk (via email), training sessions, technical guides, examples of specifications and awareness raising tools like posters and...

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Nuukuusviikko, Using less - living more –week. The focus of the week is on sustainable consumption and sustainable use of the natural resources. Every year the week pays interest in special issue, e.g. 2010 on ecological living. All the members of the movement and several other organizations organize events for the private citizens during the week all over Finland.   

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