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Monday, 15 October 2012 09:06

Reuse Centres in Flanders (Belgium)

15/10/2012 - The system of Reuse Centres originated in the Netherlands and was imported to Flanders in the early 1990s. The centres collect, sort, repair and resell a wide range of discarded products such as clothing, appliances, furniture, kitchenware, books, and bicycles.

Used goods are systematically collected (pick-up at home, delivery), sorted into saleable and non-saleable items, thoroughly checked, repaired or refurbished, and finally sold. Re-use Centres in Flanders also have a social function, offering job opportunities for long-term unemployed people and r...

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The activity take place in the separately collected fractions Center of Serra de' Conti (AN), where each citizen can go and  leave or collect reusable goods.

Before the activation of the Center, only a part of the objects was reused, and the rest was destined to disposal. Today, in the center, called “L’Alligatore”, managed by the Municipality, also thanks to the help of some volunteers (pensioners, etc. ..), the majority of the objects, after a reuse c...

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The project for the restoration of used furniture and other materials in Malta amalgamated the environmental concern with a social context. People at risk of social exclusion received training in furniture renovation and in recycled creative crafts until they were able to carry out this activity independently. The idea was to assist people who encountered difficulty with securing employment given their particular personal circumstances. At the same time, this project extended the lifetime of furniture and other unwanted material which would otherwise have been disposed of....

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