The "Fontemagna City" is a modern public water fontain who provide natural and sparkling fresh water on the tap. The main objectives of project is to reduce waste packaging by avoiding the use of disposable bottles.


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05/07/2012 - On 26 June 2012, PRO EUROPE, the European umbrella organisation for packaging and packaging waste recovery and recycling schemes (‘Green Dot’), launched a new website, proeurope4prevention.

It will serve as a platform showcasing a wide range of the waste prevention initiatives that PRO EUROPE members proposed to their clients over the past 15 years in order to improve packaging from an environmental point of view. These measures include, for example, eco-design tools, ‘design for r...

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In Marche Region there are 916 facilities and accommodation for 65.331 people.

The aim of Ecolabel LEGAMBIENTE Tourism is to disseminate the culture and the good practices of waste prevention in tourism sector. The information, education and awareness activities aims to change some organizational  and management issues: replacing food and hygienic single doses with dispenser and loose products, using tap water instead mineral one, using returnable bottles and concentrated products, and local products of short distribution chain.