The main objectives of the Self Service Detergents Project is to reduce packaging waste production coming from the purchase and use of detergents through the diffusion of the sale of on-tap detergents in retail chains in Piemonte making use of reusable bottles. The project addressed the bulk sale of detergents such as dish-washing liquids, fabric conditioners, laundry liquids, and all- purpose cleaners.

The project was a collaboration between th Piemonte region, the retail sector (GDO), and detergent producers. Detergent dispensers were placed in over 40 points of sale.

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The disposable diapers represent about 4-5% of total waste produced in Italy in recent years. With concern to the Municipality of Colorno, disposable diapers represent about 23% of the household solid waste.

The project "Light Kids" is targeted to families with children and to the municipal crèche. The goal, in the medium term, was to achieve a drastic reduction in the number of disposable diapers purchased, encouraging the use of dura...

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Cluster Marche Region: Nappies

Disposable nappies make up half of the household waste produced by families with a new baby. Each infant will have used on average 4000 to 6000 nappies by the age of two and a half, contributing over a tonne of waste to landfill. Disposable nappies take 500 years to fully decompose, releasing methane in the process.

In Italy, Colorno Municipality promote the project "Kids Light" involving families with three-years old babie...

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