The Ludoteca “Riù” provides training services for children and schools, and constitutes a first real laboratory of training for a new education of environmental sustainability.

The project aims to promote and to raise awareness of children and students about waste prevention and reuse. This is part of a broader objective to encourage behavioural change of children and adults towards a behaviour which is more compatible with the environment in which they live. Attention is paid to the possibility to reduce waste produ...

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The activity take place in the separately collected fractions Center of Serra de' Conti (AN), where each citizen can go and  leave or collect reusable goods.

Before the activation of the Center, only a part of the objects was reused, and the rest was destined to disposal. Today, in the center, called “L’Alligatore”, managed by the Municipality, also thanks to the help of some volunteers (pensioners, etc. ..), the majority of the objects, after a reuse c...

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The "Fontemagna City" is a modern public water fontain who provide natural and sparkling fresh water on the tap. The main objectives of project is to reduce waste packaging by avoiding the use of disposable bottles.


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