In Tampere Finland the primary and secondary schools get a marketing letter at the end and in the beginning of each school semester. The letter invites them to make an order and ask the environmental advisors to come to the school and give lessons of sustainable consumption, free of charge. For the younger pupils the lesson is more like telling them a story but for older pupils also some facts about natural resources and consumption are presented.

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The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) is a 3-year project supported by the LIFE+ Program of the European Commission organised from 2009 still ongoing. Each year the Week took place across Europe at the end of November.

The idea of the European Week for Waste Reduction is to promote waste reduction during a whole week by coordinating awareness-raising actions organised by a variety of actors (administrations/public authorities, associations/NGOs, businesses/industry, educational establish...

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Every year TRSWM sends a calendar to each household in its region. The calendar has nice pictures and it can be put hanging on the wall in the kitchen. On every page there are hints of waste prevention. The citizens can participate in the yearly calendar project by sending photos for the competition where the best pictures for next year's calendar are selected.

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