04/04/2012 - Supermarkets have lots of food that need to be taken off shelves daily: stock that needs to rotate, surplus food like bananas with brown spots, or refrigerated items that have to make place for the new delivery. The supermarkets cannot sell these products, and while they sometimes donate them to food banks, more often than not they toss them in the bin. Now, France-based project Zéro Gâchis is planning to step in by providing a platform for businesses to let consumers know in real-time when they have food reaching expiration, for sale at discounted rates.

Merchants th...

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012 16:22

Too Good for the Bin

27/03/2012 - An experts’ conference on new strategies of food waste prevention involving stakeholders from all backgrounds – agriculture, retail, industry, consumers, and NGO’s – is taking place on 27 March in Berlin. It comes after a recent study by the University of Stuttgart produced the first detailed and reliable numbers concerning food waste in Germany. Aiming to reveal its true dimension, the study found that nationally nearl...

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The Menu Dose Certa Project allows participating restaurants to adopt best environmental, nutritional and food stocks management practices, from the purchase of foodstuffs until the preparation of meals. After continued monitoring of their waste reduction restaurants are granted a "Dose Certa" certification.

The project followed to first case studies in two restaurants in 2008 and 2010, and now involves 3 restaurants over 2 years starting in 2011.

For each restaurant it involves

  • Registration phase;
  • Initial diagnosis phase – Evaluation of the basis ...
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