10/05/2012 - West London Waste Authority (WLWA) is preparing its first ever Let's Get Cooking club to teach people how they can reduce food waste. As part of a campaign to get people cooking in a more sustainable way, a total of 20 different clubs will be rolled out over a 12-month period and will cover all six partner boroughs - Richmond upon Thames, Hounslow, Hillingdon, Harrow, Ealing and Brent.

Led by the School Food Trust, the Let's Get Cooking pr...

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Friday, 20 April 2012 08:10

Reducing Food Waste for Chicken Feed

20/04/2012 - A French village has hatched a creative idea to cut down on food waste: Two chickens will be given to each interested household. Reminiscent of a Flemish scheme that encourages citizens to raise chickens in their suburban gardens, in the case of the city of Pincé the plan started out as a joke which turned into a reality when the responsible officials realised its great potential.

Each year, a chicken can consume up to 150kg of food waste while providing about 200 eggs for the breakfast table, an excellent example of a closed loop process and bio-mimicry in actio...

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The project was a long term information campaign targeted at the middle and high schools at Halmstad municipality, Sweden. Within the campaign the food was weighed four times (January 2009, May 2009, October 2009 and a control in November 2010). The campaign was designed as a contest between the schools where the one throwing away the least at each weighing won.

On average the schools reduced their waste with 13 %. Controls also show that the reduction seems to be permanent.