16/08/2012 - Research by the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) has shown that consumers in the UK throw away a third of the food they buy each year - most of which could have been eaten. The ‘Love Food, Hate Waste’ campaign was launched in 2007 to reduce the amount of food wasted by changing the shopping and cooking habits of British households.

As preliminary studies showed that young couples and families were the most appropriate groups on whom to focus the campaign, the campaigned was tailored ...

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26/07/2012 - As recently reminded by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), one-third of the food produced worldwide for human consumption is thrown away or lost, as well as the natural resources used for its production, amounting to roughly €540 billion in industrialised and €245 billion in developing countries. The problem and its solution appear even more urgent when put into the perspective that just one-fourth of the food currently being lost or wasted globally would be enough to feed 900 million hungry people in the world.


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Friday, 22 June 2012 13:34

UK Food Waste Prevention Progress

22/06/2012 - New research from UK waste organisation WRAP says increased availability of smaller pack sizes, clearer date labelling and improved storage guidance are all helping consumers to reduce the €15bn worth of food they waste. The WRAP Retailer Survey 2012 looked at 12,000 products across 20 different categories where food waste has traditionally been high. It found that the food industry is making good progress towards making it easier for customers to get the most from their groceries - but it also shows that there is still more to be done.

The steps reta...

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