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Home composting is implemented in 18 of 24 districts of Sofia Municipality, mostly in suburban districts because it is not applicable in all districts in the municipality. Districts which are not covered by home composting could be involved in a separate collection of biodegradable household waste. As the whole districts are covered by service for collection of waste, this separate collection could give the possibility to divide the different waste streams in order to be treated at the centralized composting unit and to be produced compost.  It is expected as an overa...

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Back-yard composting training is given for residents who compost or would like to learn compost their biowaste at home. The training session takes about two hours. Residents can gather a small group of people and make arrangements with TRSWM for the composting expert to give them composting training. The training is free of charge.

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23/07/2012 - To date, life cycle assessments have allowed only a very limited evaluation of the ecological benefits of applying compost to agricultural land. A new study by the German ifeu-Institute and ahu AG Aachen aimed at analysing for life cycle assessments previously unquantifiable effects of compost application in agriculture, and integrating the...

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