The Menu Dose Certa Project allows participating restaurants to adopt best environmental, nutritional and food stocks management practices, from the purchase of foodstuffs until the preparation of meals. After continued monitoring of their waste reduction restaurants are granted a "Dose Certa" certification.

The project followed to first case studies in two restaurants in 2008 and 2010, and now involves 3 restaurants over 2 years starting in 2011.

For each restaurant it involves

  • Registration phase;
  • Initial diagnosis phase – Evaluation of the basis ...
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The puppet show ‘Gabriella the Dump on Diet’ was played about 200 times for over 8000 children of preschools and 1st grade pupils.

The objective was to make the children understand what food waste is, that it causes methane production at the land fill site and that we should decrease the amount of organic waste that goes to landfills through prevention and separation.

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Published in Detailed factsheets

Promotion of decentralised composting in Brussels Capital Region, including

  • Individual garden composting of garden and kitchen waste
  • Individual vermicomposting (indoor composting of kitchen waste with worms)
  • Community composting

Target of the 2010 Waste plan is to reduce garden waste by 5 kg/inhab/year by 2013 and by 12kg/inhab/year (12,000 T) by 2020 compared to 2005.

This involves maintaing a compost master network, providing information tools and supporting community composting projects.