In 2010, the municipality of Sofia carried out a a public awareness campaign providing both information about possible waste prevention practices and ecologically sound treatment of household waste.

Information on waste prevention was provided to the inhabitants to involve the main target groups, after assessment of their information needs. Different information materials were prepared to reach each defined target group.

Assessment of the results of the information campaign was carried out after its implementation and on the basis of distributed information...

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The tax “Household waste” is calculated proportionally on a base of the area of the ofiices. When the price is calculated in a such manner and the office is not generating a big amount of waste, payment of such tax is not an incentive for the business. That was the main motor to introduce different ways for payment of tax “Household waste” for the juridical persons.

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Castelfidardo stands on a hill of 212 meters on sea-level, between Aspio and Musone rivers valleys. It has about 19.000 inhabitants and it has an area of 35 km2. There are a lot of productive installation mainly at industrial and handmade level. There are secondary technology-focused schools and  the voluntary work is really active in social field. About waste issue, in 2009 the “door to door” collection started  and  on the territory there is a collection center according to th...

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