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Implementing Waste Prevention at Regional Level

The Pre-waste final conference took place in Brussels (Belgium) during the European Waste and Resource Conference Days, organized by ACR+ and


The aim of the project called IDEAL79 is to reduce the amount of residual waste collected by 10% in 3 years by increasing professionals and households awareness on waste prevention. This project aims at reducing the amount and the toxicity of waste production by acting on the design stage and encouraging sustainable consumption.

It also have qualitative objectives:

-       Design a real dynamic between institutional,  economical and associative actors;

-       Implant a sustainable consumption culture t...

Published in Detailed factsheets

"Travelling books" ("Passe-livres") is an annual campaign initiated and led by an local environmental association in Montreuil-sur-Mer, North of France. The main objective of this operation is to increase public awareness on waste generation by showing that cultural products can also generate waste. The idea of Travelling books is to give them a second life by exchanging them in several places in the city during the European week for waste reduction.

The first operation was held in 2008 and is expected to be renewed next year.

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