Cities and regions will have a unique opportunity to be trained by EU experts in waste prevention, during a one-day training session to be held in Bucharest on 12 October 2011. Organized by SPCII Ilfov, ACR+ and Brussels Environment, this interactive and practical event will focus on how to elaborate a waste prevention plan and how to transfer waste prevention good practices in regional contexts.

Considering the European obligation for M...

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In Germany, Austria, and Switzerland different regulations have been put into place to ban the use of disposable food and drink containers at large scale events and to establish a framework for the use of reusable crockery.

Description of one-way ban in Munich: On public land, since 1991, a by-law of the city of Munich forbids the use and sale of disposable tableware, cups, but also drink packaging on land owned by the city.

This obligation applies to all city facilities and events, such as the Munich-based weekly mark...

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Several good practices identified deal with the coaching of families in France, Sweden and Belgium in waste prevention and making use of their testimonies and achievements to act as local information relays towards the media and other households.

See: Cluster IBGE: waste prevention embassadors - coaching families FR/BE/SE (in progress)

Their aim is to demonstrate that a series of simple actions can reduce waste generation by households and to quantify the red...

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