In the Brussels Capital Region, 54% of jobs are administrative. Despite new office technologies, large quantities of paper are still used. 

The dematerialisation project involved

- coaching of a series of organisations during 3 to 6 months focusing on training & awareness raising, new tools, improved document flow…

- region-wide communication campaigns including free information sessions and tools.


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The goal of the project is to change the behaviour of pupils and the school as a whole to produce less waste, more specifically: consume less paper and thus reduce paper waste generation.

Teachers/Schools who wish to engage a class or the entire school in actions in favour of environmental protection can obtain assistance from Brussels Environment subcontractors on paper consumption reduction. Other topics covered by other school projects include drinking container waste reduction (for primary schools only), and from now on also food wastage reduction and general waste prevention (f...

Published in Detailed factsheets

Promotion of decentralised composting in Brussels Capital Region, including

  • Individual garden composting of garden and kitchen waste
  • Individual vermicomposting (indoor composting of kitchen waste with worms)
  • Community composting

Target of the 2010 Waste plan is to reduce garden waste by 5 kg/inhab/year by 2013 and by 12kg/inhab/year (12,000 T) by 2020 compared to 2005.

This involves maintaing a compost master network, providing information tools and supporting community composting projects.