Thursday, 12 April 2012 14:00

Dropping Clothes Shopping

12/04/2012 - There is hardly any room left in your closet? You own enough clothes to dress an entire village? And yet you still have unworn items with the price tag still on? An initiative by Belgian fashion swapping website challenges women to go for an entire year without buying new clothes, shoes or accessories.

Starting from April 1, 2012, those who sign up at declare to refrain from shopping for all new clothing items (with the ex...

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The goal of this taxation is to provide an economic disincentive to the use of disposable plastic bags, disposable kitchen utensils, food wrap and aluminium foil.

The “picnic tax” was established at national level by a program law published on 27 April 2007; a decree and circular by the finance minister clarified its implementation on 8 June 2007; and it took force on 1 July 2007 on a series of disposable products, in particular plastic carrier bags, plastic kitchen utensils and food wrap. An additional circular published on 6 July, excluded biodegradable bags from the scope of ...

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Since 1993, the IBGE legally requires regional public administrations to take into account a series of environmental and waste management considerations in their procurement decisions and office management. These requirements are consistent with those at national and European level.

The IBGE follows the implementation of the regional legal texts (circulars) by supervising and supporting the administrations concerned. It provides informative web pages, a help desk (via email), training sessions, technical guides, examples of specifications and awareness raising tools like posters and...

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