Description: Brussels Environment has established Waste Management and Prevention Plans since 1992. In its 4th Waste Management plan published in 2010 it includes for the first time quantitative objectives for each waste flow with a rationale on how to achieve them. The figures are based on the amount of waste gerated (per waste stream) in 2005, the reduction potential (calculated based on pilot projects) and expected participation of the population. Objec...

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As a component of its policy for environment-friendly and sustainable waste and resource use policy in Flanders, OVAM (the Flemish Public Company for Waste Materials) provides a series of tools on its website for environmentally aware event organizers and participants.

Participants can access calendar database of environment-friendly events, appraisals by of other participants and a variety of ideas on green events.

Event organizers can assess the environmental impact of their events, evaluate it an...

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Several good practices identified deal with the coaching of families in waste prevention and making use of their testimonies and achievements to act as local information relays towards the media and other households.

Their aim is to demonstrate that a series of simple actions can reduce waste generation by households and to quantify the reduction potential.

Over a period of at least 3 months, the households took part in meetings and other activities (e.g. a guided visit to a medium sized supermarket) during which they were provided concrete advice on how to reduce waste and ...

Published in Good Practices