Since 1993, the IBGE legally requires regional public administrations to take into account a series of environmental and waste management considerations in their procurement decisions and office management. These requirements are consistent with those at national and European level.

The IBGE follows the implementation of the regional legal texts (circulars) by supervising and supporting the administrations concerned. It provides informative web pages, a help desk (via email), training sessions, technical guides, examples of specifications and awareness raising tools like posters and...

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The Pre-waste school cluster refers to waste prevention programs that are set up in schools. This cluster is made up of two main components: the waste prevention programs that take place in schools in Belgium and the Let’s Do It With Ferda, a waste prevention program that takes place in Estonian schools.

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In the Brussels Capital Region, 54% of jobs are administrative. Despite new office technologies, large quantities of paper are still used. 

The dematerialisation project involved

- coaching of a series of organisations during 3 to 6 months focusing on training & awareness raising, new tools, improved document flow…

- region-wide communication campaigns including free information sessions and tools.


Published in Good Practices