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Reuse Centres in Flanders (Belgium)

15/10/2012 - The system of Reuse Centres originated in the Netherlands and was imported to Flanders in the early 1990s. The centres collect, sort, repair and resell a wide range of discarded products such as clothing, appliances, furniture, kitchenware, books, and bicycles.

Used goods are systematically collected (pick-up at home, delivery), sorted into saleable and non-saleable items, thoroughly checked, repaired or refurbished, and finally sold. Re-use Centres in Flanders also have a social function, offering job opportunities for long-term unemployed people and r...

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Several good practices identified deal with the coaching of families in France, Sweden and Belgium in waste prevention and making use of their testimonies and achievements to act as local information relays towards the media and other households.

Their aim is to demonstrate that a series of simple actions can reduce waste generation by households and to quantify the reduction potential.

In the Brussels Capital Region, the following pilot project was implemented

Sampling: 6 households with a variety...

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Monday, 21 May 2012 14:38

Closed-Loop Gardening in Flanders

21/05/2012 - Municipalities in the region of Flanders (Belgium) promote closed-loop gardening for their citizens in both urban and rural areas. The action began in 1992 with the development of a comprehensive home composting programme. Over the years, new and additional aspects of bio-waste prevention were included, expanding the programme to its current form.

Cooperation agreements between the participating municipalities form its basis. PAYT-systems serve as an incentive to decrease the amount of (bio-)waste given for collection, while com...

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