Municipality of Karlskrona

Municipality of Karlskrona
Ö. Hamngatan 7B
371 83

Karlskrona is a municipality located on the south-eastern shore of Sweden, in Blekinge County. Its territory covers 21.36 km² and gathers 63 000 inhabitants (the average urban population in Sweden being 15 500 inhabitants). Karlskrona has been declared UNESCO World Heritage site and is the main base for the Swedish Navy.

Karlskrona has a far-reaching waste prevention management with sorting at source of many fractions for recycling. All households also separate their organic waste, about 40% of them compost it at home and for the rest the city has a modern composting facility. A waste prevention plan was implemented between 2001 and 2004, to get the households to better sort their waste. All participating households received information and many were contacted by the municipality’s waste informers. Among the waste prevention activities implemented in Karlskrona are information campaigns, steering through fees (different sizes of bins and emptying frequency, unsorted waste is extremely expensive, sorted waste is cheaper, the cheapest being self composting of organic material), negotiating for a re-use centre.

Karlskrona brings to the Pre-waste partners its experience, as the city gives them another specific context (Swedish). It will be involved, in particular, in communication activities (publication of press releases, organisation of a national event on waste prevention and a press conference, as well as support to the communication manager for communication tasks, like the website and the newsletter), the identification of good practices and indicators, the implementing of some good practices on its territory and the drafting of feasibility studies, the participation in a shared methodology to help local authorities implement an effective waste prevention strategy, as well as the participation in the web tool for monitoring waste prevention policies effectiveness, based on indicators.