Marche Region

Regione Marche (Leader del Progetto)
Via Tiziano, 44

60125 Ancona (AN)


Marche Region –located in Central East Italy- is delimited, westbound, by Umbria – Marche Apennines and, eastward, Adriatic Sea laps its shores. The territory stretches for 9.366 km2 and it numbers 1 million half of inhabitants. It’s characterized by the presence of 239 municipalities. The built-up areas are small/medium, and between them there is Ancona, regional capital, that has about 100.000 inhabitants.

Marche Regional Government, as Administrative Authority, is the authorized organization for Environmental issues is the Territory, Environment and Energy Service. On its inside, the Unit “Green Economy, WasteCycle, Soil Drainage, AERCA, Industrial risks”, takes care of the problems about waste management, being responsible of Regional Planning of Waste Management.

The Unit manages, also, local and international projects about environmental protection and education. It has a qualified staff and it worked and operates in international cooperation.

Following successful past experiences in previous European co-funded projects Marche Region naturally keep on playing the role of Leader Partner in Pre-Waste Project about waste reduction, supported by SVIM (Sviluppo Marche SpA – Regional Development Agency) as Technical Secretariat. 

As Leader partner Marche Region has an active role in the development of all the activities of Pre-waste project, as coordinator of each step of the project and as expert technical partner.