Training session in Malta

Training session in Malta, 2012 (1)

Pre-waste training session in Malta, 24-25 October 2012

In order to help waste prevention officers to develop and implement efficient waste prevention strategies, Pre-waste held a training on waste prevention indicators and the use of the Pre-waste web tool, in Malta on 24 and 25 October.

This is the final year for the Pre-waste project, which aims at significantly reducing waste generation and its degree of hazard through the close collaboration of local and regional authorities, public entities and other stakeholders. Along the project’s duration and under the coordination and impulse of ORDIF, Pre-waste partners analysed waste prevention indicators and built  a framework that helped develop a web tool on waste prevention monitoring. One of the final activities of the project is to organize a Joint Interregional Training Session dealing with the ‘Methodology and application of indicators to monitor waste prevention policies / actions and use of the web tool’. This Training Session was held on 24 and 25 October 2012 in Malta.

Have a look at the training programme.

The first day of the training covered the following topics:

In the afternoon, small group parallel sessions allowed participants to get practical knowledge of how to use the Pre-waste web tool diagnosis and monitoring functions.

The second day (morning only) addressed the following issues: