Best practices
Best practices

Out of more than 100 Case Studies on waste prevention initially identified in the Pre-waste mapping report

the Pre-waste partners selected 50 Good Practices for which they prepared detailed factsheets.

Among these they selected more than 20 Best Practices - listed below - that effectively illustrate the use of waste prevention indicators.


Best Practices :

  1. Love Food Hate Waste Campaign in North London (Pre-waste factsheet 4)
  2. Let's do it with Ferda in Estonian schools (Pre-waste factsheet 9)
  3. R.U.S.Z - Repair and Service Center in Austria (Prewaste factsheet 10)
  4. Ecomoebel – Redesign of furniture in Germany (Prewaste factsheet 13)
  5. No-advertisement sticker with legal backing in Brussels (Prewaste factsheet 18)
  6. Promotion of decentralised composting in Brussels (Pre-waste factsheet 21)
  7. Accompanied paper waste prevention in schools in Brussels (Pre-waste factsheet 22)
  8. Dematerialisation in Brussels offices, Belgium (Pre-waste factsheet 23)
  9. Halmstad schools competing to reduce food waste in canteens, Sweden (Pre-waste factsheet 29) 
  10. Alelyckan Re-use Park in Gothenburg (Pre-waste factsheet 30)
  11. Clothes library in Sweden (Pre-waste factsheet 36)
  12. Self-service Detergents in Large Retail in Piemonte, Italy (Pre-waste factsheet 42) 
  13. Italian Ecolabel Legambiente Tourism in Marche Region (Pre-waste factsheet 43) 
  14. Marche Food Bank ONLUS, Italy (Pre-waste factsheet 44)
  15. Light Kids, Washable Diapers in the Municipality Crèches and Incentives for Families in Italy (Pre-waste Factsheet 47)
  16. Waste prevention campaign toward shopkeepers and artisans, France (Pre-waste Factsheet 53)
  17. Travelling books, France (Pre-waste Factsheet 56)
  18. Good waste prevention communication practices in Sofia municipality, Bulgaria (Pre-waste factsheet 65)
  19. Household composting in Bulgaria (Pre-waste Factsheet 67)
  20. Calendar with hints for waste prevention, Finland (Pre-waste factsheet 72)
  21. European Week for Waste Reduction in Europe (Pre-waste factsheet 77)
  22. Menu Dose Certa - Food waste reduction and certification in Portuguese restaurants (Pre-waste factsheet 86)
  23. Environmental Education for the Unemployed & households in Malta (Pre-waste factsheet 90)
  24. Ban on disposable food and drink containers at events in Munich, Germany (Pre-waste factsheet 99)
  25. Brussels waste management plan with reduction targets, Belgium (Pre-waste factsheet 103)
  26. EUREST services in Sweden (Pre-waste factsheet 106)
  27. Pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) scheme in Schweinfurt, Germany (Pre-waste factsheet 108)