The award winners of the edition 2013 of the European Week for Waste Reduction have been rewarded at the EWWR awards ceremony last Thursday, 22 May 2014, in Rome. After the finalists for the EWWR awards had already been announced in March 2014, the announcement of the winners had been awaited with bated breath by all finalists.

The EWWR awards rewarded the most outstanding awareness-raising actions implemented during the EWWR 2013 in each of the categories of Action Developers: Administration/Public Authority, Association/NGO, Business/Industry, Educational Establishment, Citizens, and Others. You can find the names of the winners release in a Press Release issued today and find out more about all finalist actions in the comprehensive press file.

The awards ceremony took place in the scope of a EWWR conference, which was embedded in a three days congress: "Towards a European Circular Economy", jointly organised by ACR+ and AICA. The EWWR conference focused on how to successfully communicate waste and resources. The topics approached included the status of current European waste projects as well as the key role of the EWWR as communication project on sustainable resource management.

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  • Date 22-23/05/2014

ACR+ will welcome you to the EWWR Conference and the European Awards Ceremony on 22 May 2014 in Rome.

The morning session of the international EWWR conference will focus on European waste projects and provide participants with the opportunity of learning from their experiences, challenges, and lessons learnt. They will furthermore get a deep insight in the results achieved so far by the projects.

The afternoon session of the conference will then focus on the role of communication in making the EWWR a constantly increasing and highly successful event. This conference is not only interesting for all those bodies that are already involved in the EWWR in one or the other way, but for everybody who is involved or wants to get involved in awareness-raising activities or in waste reduction projects.

On the evening of the same day, 22 May 2014, the European awards ceremony of the European Week for Waste Reduction will take place in the same venue. During this ceremony, the most outstanding actions carried out in the EWWR 2013 will be rewarded. The winners will have been selected by a Jury of European professionals working in the environmental sector before the event. This is particular interesting for all those who want to implement awareness-raising actions with regard to the 3R – Reduce, reuse, and recycle -, as the winning actions will be presented as case studies during the ceremony.

More information and registration will soon be published on

ACR+ is also pleased to invite you to its 20th anniversary conference followed by the General Assembly 2014. The event will take place in Rome.

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The final programme is now available, we warmly invite you to have a look at it here: Programme TECE2014. You can register for all events here:

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  • Date 22-23/05/2014

ACR+ recently published a new report "Management options for 6 composting strategies" on bio-waste and composting.

Bio-waste has so far been managed by very different policies in each country, ranging from little to no action in some to very ambitious actions in others. Existing legislative instruments at regional/national level, if existing at all, have not yet reached the intended objectives.

This report aims to highlight the different possible composting strategies that can be considered by local authorities and other public/private stakeholders dealing with bio-waste.

The information is presented in an easy, accessible way and is meant to provide best available bio-waste composting strategies. This publication is of particular interest for those countries that are still heavily reliant on landfilling of bio-waste.

Not all the composting strategies described in this report have been developed in the same way or with the same intensity. This report therefore does not reflect the current bio-waste management situation in the EU but rather the possible decentralised and centralised options of treating bio-waste. There is no single best strategy and most probably a mixture of different composting strategies may be adopted by decision makers at the local and/or regional level.

This report does not consider anaerobic digestion and the bio-waste prevention measures focus only home & community composting. Anaerobic digestion and other bio-waste prevention measures, such as closed loop gardening techniques, food waste avoidance, food waste donations, animal feeding, etc. will be described in upcoming technical reports in 2014 and 2015.

The report is free for ACR+ members and available in English on the ACR+ website: