Prewaste project

Preventing waste in cities and regions

Reducing the amount of waste at source means reducing the cost of waste management and lowering the ecological footprint. Though a tempting solution, waste prevention is not necessarily easy to implement, due to the lack of knowledge about what strategies are efficient, difficulty to assess the results of a prevention action, etc. Hence, the Pre-waste project has developed a consistent and comprehensive approach to help local and regional authorities to prevent waste generation.

In particular, Pre-waste will deliver:

  • guidelines for planning, implementing and monitoring regional waste prevention policies
  • 20 best examples of waste prevention actionsimplemented in the European Union by local or regional authorities, along with other good practices
  • a web tool allowing the assessment of waste prevention actions’ efficiency and monitoring.

More information about the Pre-waste project.


The Pre-waste partnership

Europe’s diversity is well represented in Pre-waste, since the project involves 10 European partners, committed to share their expertise in waste prevention and waste management: Marche Region – Project Leader (IT), Ile-de-France Region Waste Management Observatory – ORDIF (FR), Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and sustainable Resource management – ACR+, Municipality of Roquetas de Mar (ES), Municipality of Sofia (BG), Brussels Environment – IBGE (BE), Public Cooperation Department of Ilfov County (RO), Municipality of Karlskrona (SE), Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management Ltd (FI) and WasteServ Malta Ltd (MT).

The Pre-waste project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and made possible by the INTERREG IVC Programme.


The Pre-waste project stands by a simple rule: The best waste is that which is not produced!

It’s time to prevent!