ACR+ - Association of Cities & Regions for Recycling and for sustainable Resource management

ACR+ - Association of Cities & Regions for Recycling and for sustainable Resource management
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The Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and sustainable Resource management (ACR+) is an international network of members who share the common aim of promoting the sustainable consumption of resources and management of waste through prevention at source, reuse and recycling. It currently has nearly 100 members, mainly local and regional authorities as well as national networks of local authorities representing around 1200 municipalities.

With its activities, ACR+ wants:

  • to encourage practical action in relation with waste management and sustainable consumption
  • to provide support to regional and local authorities to encounter new challenges
  • to promote cooperation and partnership to develop eco-efficient solutions

ACR+ has been working on the theme of municipal waste prevention for years now, in particular by publishing reports and handbooks (, organising international conferences and working groups ( and launching a European campaign for waste reduction in 2007 “- kg” (, which ended with the assessment of municipal waste prevention potential and the definition of targets and indicators and the creation of the European Week for Waste Reduction. Since 2002, ACR+ has also taken part in several EU projects on waste prevention, including the Resourcities project (, the ELISEE project ( and currently the Miniwaste project on bio-waste prevention ( and the European Week for Waste Reduction ( The latest (EWWR), where ACR+ is acting as the Technical Secretariat, aims to inform large numbers of European citizens about waste reduction actions that they can take in everyday life.

In Pre-waste, ACR+ will in particular be in charge of disseminating information about the project’s progress and results through various communication activities (project’s “component 2”), in particular the management of Pre-waste’s website and newsletter, the publication of press releases and the participation in the organisation of  European events on waste prevention. ACR+ has also an important role in other project activities like the gathering of good practices and indicators, the participation in a shared methodology to help local authorities implement an effective waste prevention strategy, as well as the participation in the web tool for monitoring waste prevention policies effectiveness, based on indicators.