Green paper on plastic waste: give your opinion to drive future EU policy

On 7 March 2013, the European Commission issued a green paper on plastic waste. The objective of this green paper is to consult stakeholders on responses to policy challenges posed by plastic waste.

The Green Paper aims to gather facts and views in order to assess the impacts of plastic waste and define a European strategy to mitigate them. Stakeholders are invited to contribute their views on whether, and how, existing legislation should be adapted to deal with plastic waste and promote re-use, recycling and recovery of plastic waste over landfilling. Views are also sought on the effectiveness of potential recycling targets, and of economic measures such as landfill bans, landfill taxes and pay-as-you-throw schemes. The Green Paper also asks how to improve the modular and chemical design of plastic to improve recyclability, how to reduce marine litter and whether there is a need to promote biodegradable plastics.

Stakeholders can submit their opinion until 7 June 2013.

Consult the Green paper on plastic waste

Pre-waste gives examples of good practices aimed at preventing plastic waste, for instance in packaging.