National campaign on reuse launched in the UK

26/03/2013 WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) has recently started to promote a communication campaign about opportunities for reuse on the British island.

WRAP is distributing to public and private actors communication materials such as posters, leaflets and web banners to promote the socio-economic advantage of greater reuse rates. The materials will be delivered to local authorities, nonprofit organizations and companies dealing somehow with waste issues and collection. It contains helpful information about the value of supposed obsolete materials and the reuse opportunities of furniture, textiles, and electrical and electronic equipments.

WRAP has already successfully tested the communication materials within 6 different areas (Leeds, Shropshire, Inverness, Nairn, London Borough of Bexley, and Oxford) in collaboration with public and private partners. It resulted that five out of six areas has improved the collection rates of materials to be reused and a survey conducted during the project indicates that 45% of respondents who recalled the information went on to or will change their behaviour when disposing materials. A report illustrating the results of this trial project was published in August 2012 on the WRAP website.

Linda Crichton, Head of Collections and Quality at WRAP, commented saying that opportunities are increasingly seized by people and businesses and that the value potential of reused materials amounts to over £200m in the UK. She pointed out the strength of the communication project saying “we know that re-use organisations, recyclers and local authorities are looking to tap in to economic opportunities by increasing the amount of re-usable items they collect, this can be achieved with the help of communications.”

The Pre-waste project highlighted several successful examples of reuse activities and communication campaigns in the Pre-waste best practices factsheets.

Source: WRAP: