Pre-waste Final Conference - Brussels, 7/11/2012

The Pre-waste final conference took place in Brussels (Belgium) during the European Waste and Resource Conference Days, organized by ACR+ and IBGE with the support of the Committee of the Regions. This one-day event held at the Committee of the Regions exhibited the results of the project, and highlighted efficient waste prevention tools and strategies for cities and regions.

After a short introduction to the project and its context, the Pre-waste methodology for local/regional waste prevention strategy with its three key steps and the 20 best waste prevention practices chosen by the project partners was presented to the public. ORDIF illustrated the most efficient waste prevention actions, tools, and indicators with concrete examples taken from the list of Pre-waste good practices. The morning session was concluded by an interactive panel debate on economic and communications instruments as opposed to voluntary initiative, and the question which of them are the most useful to implement at local or regional level.

During lunch, posters detailing the results of the partners’ feasibility studies on the transfer of some good practices on their territory were showcased.

The afternoon was practical and interactive with parallel groups and workshops focusing on specific themes (food waste, packaging, reuse and general actions such as multi-thematic communication campaigns). For each issue, Pre-waste partners presented the results of the feasibility studies on the transfer of waste prevention good practices in their region/city. Each workshop addressed some important questions, such as: What are the key elements that make it possible to transfer good practices related to these issues or audiences? Which indicators are applied or recommended for these good practices?

The following day, an international conference focusing on reuse issues, organised by ACR+ and IBGE with the cooperation of the RREUSE network, was held at the same venue. This conference was preceded by the ACR+ statutory General Assembly.

Programme and presentations