ADEME releases technical book to support prevention and management of construction waste

21/11/2012 - ADEME has published a technical book of 120 pages titled "Plan for the prevention and management of construction site waste - Elaboration and follow-up." As its name suggests, the aim is to support state services in the management of construction waste.
The publication attempts to present lessons learned and general recommendations, illustrated by the feedback from the Languedoc-Roussillon region of Normandy and Brittany. The presented methodology, but also the objectives and proposed indicators, are to be adapted to local conditions.

The first plans for management of construction site waste were carried out under impulse of the circular of 15 February 2000, often in a context of largely insufficient numbers of waste management facilities. They therefore gave priority to reducing the processing capacity deficit, but did not, however, neglect to make more qualitative recommendations, for example regarding the improvement of on-site sorting and traceability of waste flows.

The proposed technical book by ADEME consist of three components, complemented by several annexes: the process of preparing the Plan for the Prevention and Waste Management, which exposes and discusses the regulatory basis and the various stages of its development, including the organization of the dialogue;  the contents of the Plan, which lists the various aspects of waste management, the recommendations and areas for improvement; and a proposal for the organization of monitoring and the communication strategy .

The technical book is the result of eight months of work led by ECOBATP LR and ADEME, with the assistance of IDE Environment Consultancy. To view / download this publication, go here.

While Pre-waste's main focus of waste prevention was not on construction waste, it is hopeful to see that other organisations are realizing the importance of waste prevention as well, and also treat the problem of construction waste.