Besançon maintains position on incentive fees

23/10/2012 - After an 8-months test phase starting in January, the Urban Community of Besançon has decided to stay with its incentive fees system consisting of a fixed (50%) and variable part, calculated by weight.

According to the Community, the incentive fee only costs 1,40 euros per inhabitant, whereas the old system was costing 77 euros on average, with an annual increase of nearly 2% in recent years. Besides these economic benefits, the anticipation of the incentive fee has been said to cause a decrease in residual waste of around 10% during the 2 years before implementation. In the first 4 months of the test phase, residual waste was reduced by another 7%.  Reasons enough for Besançon to stick with their new system!

The success of Besançon’s incentive fees system is a great example of the usefulness of a Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) scheme. In line with its aim of providing best practices in waste prevention policies, the PAYT scheme has been covered in the selected 27 Best Practices on the Pre-waste website. Have a look at the detailed factsheet on Schweinfurt ‘s implementation of an intelligently designed PAYT scheme to learn more about this Best Practice.