Pre-waste Final Conference at the Committee of the Regions – Brussels, 7 November 2012

01/10/2012 - Implementing Waste Prevention at Local and Regional Level

The Pre-waste final conference will take place at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels (Belgium) during the European Waste and Resource Days. This event will mark the closure of the project and exhibit its results, highlighting efficient waste prevention tools and strategies for cities and regions.

After a short introduction to the project and its European context, the Pre-waste methodology for local/regional waste prevention strategy will be presented to the public. The 20 best waste prevention practices chosen by the project partners will also be exhibited, and serve as concrete examples to illustrate the most efficient tools. The audience will then be presented with a frame of waste prevention indicators and a monitoring tool. An interactive panel debate will conclude the morning session, in order to discuss which instruments are the most useful to implement at local or regional level.

During lunch, participants will have the opportunity to view posters detailing the Pre-waste best practices and the results of the partners’ feasibility studies, before the programme resumes with interactive parallel workshops. These workshops will focus either on specific audiences (administrations, schools, hotels/restaurants) or themes (food waste, packaging, reuse and general actions such as multi-thematic communication campaigns), and address key questions such as: Which factors favour or facilitate the transfer of good practices related to these issues or audiences? Which indicators are applied or recommended for these good practices?

The next day, an international conference on reuse issues, organised by ACR+ and the RREUSE network, will be held at the same venue. This conference will be preceded by ACR+ statutory General Assembly and a conference focusing on extended producers’ responsibility and the follow-up of recycling performances in Europe.

The European Waste and Resource Days are organized by ACR+ and Brussels Environment, with the support of the Committee of the Regions, the Pre-waste partners, the INTERREG IV C programme and the RREUSE network.