Witness families, France (Pre-waste factsheet 109)

Quantitative results of witness families Quantitative results of witness families Ademe

Several good practices identified deal with the coaching of families in France, Sweden and Belgium in waste prevention and making use of their testimonies and achievements to act as local information relays towards the media and other households.

Their aim is to demonstrate that a series of simple actions can reduce waste generation by households and to quantify the reduction potential.

Over a period of at least 3 months, the households took part in meetings and other activities (e.g. a guided visit to a medium sized supermarket) during which they were provided concrete advice on how to reduce waste and tools to record their behaviour.

The largest participation was achieved by ADEME in France which reached hundreds of households and yielded structuresd quantitative results (see attached factsheet)

ADEME provides technical and methodological support by providing a relay structures toolkit. Financial support may also be granted for the implementation of a "Homes Witnesses" after reviewing the application by the Regional Directorate of ADEME concerned.

Local relay structures (coordinators) – local authorities or local non-profit organizations/associations - are in charge of the local operation. They have the primary role of recruiting, managing and supporting households (10 to 30 per operation) engaged in acting against waste reduction. The coordinator maintains direct contact to the local press and are responsible for transmitting the results to ADEME.

Volunteer households (witness families) takes part in the operation for at least 3 consecutive months. Durting the 1st months habits remain unchanged and the waste is weighed to establish a baseline for comparison. In the following months households  put into practice at least 4 new actions to reduce waste generation (see list below) and at least one of the 3 mandatory ones (1, 3 or 8). Moreover they participate in meetings, complete action sheets, and if they wish testify to the press.

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