Waste Prevention in Practice – From Words to Action

On 9 May 2012, 99 participants from all over Sweden gathered in Stockholm to attend the seminar “Waste Prevention in Practice – From Words to Action” organised by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute together with the Environmental Protection Agency, the municipality of Karlskrona and Avfall Sverige. This one-day event highlighted the major issues in the field of waste prevention and gave public and private stakeholders the opportunity to exchange opinions and experiences.

Preventing waste and moving towards a resource efficient society is one of today's major challenges. The EU wants member states to break the link between growth and waste volumes. How do we do it? What incentives are there? What are the social benefits? Collaboration is important, also and especially across borders.

The seminar presented the EU project Pre-waste which aims to help local and regional authorities improve their waste prevention. Good practices and guidance on how waste prevention can be done in practice were reviewed, and participants discussed the legal issues that must be taken into account.