047 Marche Region: Light Kids, Washable Diapers in the Municipality Crèches and Incentives for Families, Italy

The disposable diapers represent about 4-5% of total waste produced in Italy in recent years. With concern to the Municipality of Colorno, disposable diapers represent about 23% of the household solid waste.

The project "Light Kids" is targeted to families with children and to the municipal crèche. The goal, in the medium term, was to achieve a drastic reduction in the number of disposable diapers purchased, encouraging the use of durable diapers. The project provided the requirement to use washable diapers or biodegradable diapers for the company that deals with the management of municipal crèche up to use only durable diapers. A three-year contribution for each child of the families involved was prepared in order to cover, partially, the procurement costs of the families within the first three years of child’ life.

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