052 ORDIF - Promoting eco consumption in supermarket

The aim of the project called IDEAL79 is to reduce the amount of residual waste collected by 10% in 3 years by increasing professionals and households awareness on waste prevention. This project aims at reducing the amount and the toxicity of waste production by acting on the design stage and encouraging sustainable consumption.

It also have qualitative objectives:

-       Design a real dynamic between institutional,  economical and associative actors;

-       Implant a sustainable consumption culture to these actors and also to the population


  • Comment Link Tuesday, 30 August 2011 13:54 posted by Stephanie Mantell

    As Irina pointed out, several sections remain (notably resources, impacts, conclusions...).

    The project yielded quantitative results, but the section on monitoring and recommended indicators is left blank.

    The objective on page 1 (Reduce the amount of residual waste collected by 3% in 3 years) seems inconsistant with objective state later (reduce the amount of residual waste collected by 10% in 3 years).

  • Comment Link Wednesday, 20 July 2011 15:55 posted by Irina Vassileva

    I'm very interested in this practice, because as it seems very good results are achieved.
    I would like to mention that some information in 6 and 7 section is still missing. Is it possible to get that information or just to mention NA if is not available.
    And what is a little bit confusing for me written in the text (pages 4 and 5) that the waste will be reduced by 10%, by 7%...or with 10%, 7% - this is the percentage which is as a result from the implementation of the project ?
    Thanks for adding of informaion and clarifications.

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