054 ORDIF - Monitoring the evolution of eco-consumption possibilities in France

The aim of this project is to follow the offer of eco-friendly products compared to their less environmental counterparts in France. The project was implemented in 4 steps:

1)     Definition and characterization of the products usually bought by French consumers for a given utility and for different size of households.

2)     Development of a methodology that enables to measure the “waste contain” of different trolley (the best ones and the worst ones in terms of waste) for different size of households. Several "shopping-trolleys" were identified to do so: an "average trolley" for a 2.3 people household, a "mini waste" and a "maxi waste" trolley for a one person household and a "mini waste" and a "maxi waste" trolley for a 4 person household.

3)     Recommendation to disseminate the results.

4)     Drafting of a methodological guide enabling to transfer the method.


  • Comment Link Tuesday, 02 August 2011 13:16 posted by Irina Vassileva

    That CP 3 Factsheet form is very good elaborated (even that some information is still missing) and I would like to know:
    - What is the Methodology used to choose the trolleys ?
    - What is the Methodology used to find the average quantity of waste generated from each trolley ?

    Also I think that some areas of form could be filled in - 4 and 5 sections.

    I would like to ask you why some of the packaging placed on the market, as for example small pots for yogurt is not possible to be recycled? I think in that way you lose material - plastic / or crude oil from which plastic is produced.

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 12 July 2011 15:24 posted by Stephanie Mantell

    Thank you for this rich factsheet. A lot of interesting data. Unfortunately resource data were unavailable as explained in the factsheet. Many figures and recommendations. The very last recommendation "Recommended indicators & monitoring" refers to what indicators not to communicate (recyclable fraction, compostable fraction & toxicity) and it is not very clear what is the reasoning behind this.
    It may be worth also uploading any final report in French you may have as an additional attachement.

    Proofreading by native English speaker prior to final publication would be a plus.

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