Eurest Services, with 25 restaurants all over Sweden won first prize att European Week of Waste Reduction in 2009 for their work to reduce the amount of food thrown away.


  • Comment Link Thursday, 01 September 2011 13:33 posted by Stephanie Mantell

    Maybe Eurest would be willing to help complete this factsheet?

  • Comment Link Thursday, 21 July 2011 07:51 posted by Nando Cingolani

    The action shows good transferability, especially in tourist areas.
    It has a dual purpose: to advice both the customer and the restaurant staff to the waste reduction issue.
    It seems also a good idea to inform by posters, the amount of waste product, their negative impact and what we can do to reduce waste.
    Very interesting is the list of 10 measures to reduce waste (if possible we would like to have a copy).
    Awareness will have greater success if the action will commit a large number of restaurants.
    We believe that action might improve the results, if products and services are of high quality. The results could be directly measured by less waste production of the restaurant (best expected results: increase of the customers - less waste produced).

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 05 July 2011 12:14 posted by Philippe Micheaux Naudet

    Interesting fact sheet, with useful information. You might find additional information on the EWWR website: http://www.ewwr.eu/sites/default/files/EWWR_2009-case-studies_Business_Eurest_SV.pdf

    General comment: remove the text in the brackets that are aimed at Pre-waste partners.

    Some specific comments:

    2) context: present EWWR initiative (This action won an award during the first edition of the European Week for Waste Reduction in 2009. The EWWR is a European communication project co-funded by the LIFE+ programme of the European Commission aimed at gathering during a single week a maximum of awareness raising actions related to waste prevention. These awareness raising actions are proposed and implemented by various categories of actors ("Project developers"): administrations, associations, schools, business and others. The EWWR is coordinated by national/regional/local "EWWR Organisers", whose role is to promote the EWWR and to validate actions proposed by project developers. The five themes of teh EWWR are Too much waste, Better production, Better consumption, A longer life for products, and Less waste thrown away. In 2009, 2672 actions were implemented during the EWWR and 4346 actions were implemented in 2010. More information on www.ewwr.eu)

    3) strategy:
    - procedure: verb tense is future when 2010 is mentioned: to correct and update with the data.

    4) Resources:
    - financial: mention budget allocated to this action
    - communication: "In total 9 educations (missing word) for staff, posters and signs in the restaurants.

    5,6,7: add information (also the responsibility of the cluster manager), for instance about the monitoring system in the EWWR fact sheet.

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